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Welcome to Reversal Craft rules page!
Click on the tabs above to see the different sections of the rules.

Wishing someone to die irl(Includes the word kys) = 1d mute
Racism/Homophobia = 3d mute
Toxicity = 4hr mute
ddos threats = 60d IP-ban
Doxx Threats = 45d IP-ban
Being Lewd = 1d Mute
Posting Nsfw content in chat = 12hr mute 

Hacking(All are IP bans in this section)
Glitch/Exploit Abuse
Glitch/Exploit Abuse = 30d ban


Chat Spam(Saying 4 of the same or similar words within 120 secs) = 4hr mute
Letter spam(20 of the same or similar Letters in 1 setence) = 3hr Mute
Command spam = 6 hr mute
Caps spam(13 caps within 1 sentence) = 1hr mute

Lying on your appeal will result in a doubled ban
If you ban evade your ban will be doubled

Useful links: